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About wax
Plain candles
Floating candles
Scented candles
Birthday candles
Tea light
Candle accessories
Candle holders
Marriage-baptism taper
Advertisting Candles
Christmas candle
Easter candles
Easter candles
Anti-mosquito candles
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Terms and Conditions


Payment can be made in cash or by check. Post-dated checks must have a date no later than two months after the shipment has been received, or one month after the end of the season (Christmas or Easter).
Pre-paid orders are eligible for a 3% discount.
In case of missing or defective items, or other issues with your order, the company should be notified within 10 business days. After the end of the season, no returns are possible.
The customer is responsible, and liable, for any merchandise in transit.
The courts of Athens have jurisdiction in respect of any dispute.
We will be happy to work with you regarding any problem or complain you may have.

For international order please contact:

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